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Lijst met Root en Intermediate certificaten

When installing an SSL certificate you will also need the root and intermediate certificates. Without these you have a chance that the users of your website get SSL warnings because their browsers don’t trust the chain that is presented by the server.

Here is a list of the root and intermediate certificates divided per supplier. For your convenience we have bundled these files where possible.


EssentialSSL (SHA-1 / SHA256)
EssentialSSL Wildcard (SHA-1 / SHA-256)
PositiveSSL Wildcard
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain
EV SSL (SHA-1 / SHA-256)
EVSSL multi-domain
InstantSSL Pro
PremiumSSL Wildcard
Unified Communications Certificate (UCC)


QuickSSL Premium
True Business ID
True Business ID multi-domain
True Business ID Wildcard
True Business ID with EV
True Business ID with EV multi-domain


RapidSSL (SHA-1 / SHA-256)
RapidSSL Wildcard


Secure Site
Secure Site Pro
Secure Site Pro with EV
Secure Site with EV


SSL 123
Web Server
Web Server Wildcard
Web Server with EV