SSL is tegenwoordig niet meer te missen op het internet. Via een SSL certificaat wat op een website of webshop word geinstalleerd worden alle verbindingen tussen de bezoeker en de website versleuteld en beveiliging. Dit betekend dat niemand met jouw iDEAL proces kan meekijken en in deze verbinding andere pakketjes kan stoppen om de betaling

Most certificates are used for public websites. These websites are commonly reachable via both as well as just A certificate will only include a single hostname, the value that you insert into the common name of the CSR. This means that a certificate ordered for will normally not work for The

When installing an SSL certificate you will also need the root and intermediate certificates. Without these you have a chance that the users of your website get SSL warnings because their browsers don’t trust the chain that is presented by the server. Here is a list of the root and intermediate certificates divided per supplier.

Sometimes it can happen that you encounter errors when installing or using your certificate. This document is an overview of the different things you can check to analyze what is wrong. From experience we can tell that most problems arise because you did not install all root and intermediate certificates, after this a missmatch between